Implementation of Article 47 of the Law of 11 February 2005 on equal opportunities stipulates that all public online communication services must be accessible to all. Inria is committed to making its websites accessible by complying with the RGAA compliance criteria.

What is web accessibility ?

Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the Web1. More specifically, it means that they can perceive, understand, navigate, interact with and contribute to the Web. Accessibility also benefits others, including older people whose abilities are changing due to age. It encompasses any disability that affects access, including visual, auditory, physical, speech-related, cognitive and/or neurological conditions.

Conformity status

The Jobs site ( is partially compliant with the RGAA version 4.1 general accessibility guidelines, due to the non-conformities listed in the "Test results" section.

Test results

The conformity audit carried out by Access42 revealed that the site is 75% compliant with RGAA version 4.1.

Inaccessible contents

The content listed below is not accessible for the following reasons.


  • Some links have no explicit heading;
  • Some JavaScript functions are not compatible with assistive technologies or cannot be accessed via the keyboard (e.g. buttons, tabs and autocomplete fields);
  • Language changes in the text are not reported or are irrelevant;
  • Some pages use tags for presentation purposes (e.g. unstructured text in paragraph tags);
  • Some pages contain information inserted in CSS that is not rendered by assistive technologies;
  • Some texts with a defined background color have no associated font color;
  • Mandatory fields are not correctly indicated and error messages are not linked to the corresponding fields;
  • The main areas of a page are poorly defined;
  • The reading order of some pages is not consistent

Content not subject to accessibility requirements:

  • Contents of the offer map

Drawing up this declaration of accessibility

This declaration was issued on 03/11/2023.

Technologies used to create the website

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • PHP, Symfony
  • bootstrap 3.4

User agents, assistive technologies and tools used to verify accessibility

Web page tests were carried out with the following combinations of web browsers and screen readers:

  • Firefox 117 and NVDA 2023.2;
  • Firefox 117 and JAWS 2022;
  • Safari 16.5 and VoiceOver (macOS Ventura 13.4);
  • Safari and VoiceOver (iOS 15.5);
  • Chrome 105 and TalkBack (Android natif 13).

Accessibility verification is the result of manual testing, aided by tools (dedicated CSS sheets, HeadingsMaps extensions, axe DevTools , WebDeveloper Toolbar, Color Contrast Analyser).

Site pages verified for conformity

Feedback and contact

Under article 11 of the February 2005 law :

"The disabled person has the right to compensation for the consequences of their disability, regardless of the origin and nature of their impairment, their age or their lifestyle". Inria undertakes to take the necessary measures to provide access, within a reasonable time, to the information and functionalities sought by the disabled person.

Inria invites anyone encountering difficulties to contact it by e-mail at so that assistance can be provided (accessible alternative, information and content given in another form).

In case of malfunction

If you notice a lack of accessibility preventing you from accessing any content or functionality of the site, you are entitled to send your complaints or a request for referral to the Defender of Rights. Several means are at your disposal:

  • the Contact page
  • via a postal address :
    Domaine de Voluceau, Rocquencourt
    BP 105 - 78153 Le Chesnay Cedex
    Tél.: 01 39 63 55 11
    Fax.: 01 39 63 53 30